The attraction of Private Hire-Business and Leisure 
The advent of the COVID pandemic and resultant impact on air travel, has accelerated an interesting trend in travel, that being the hire of private jets for both commercial and business travel. 
There are many Jets hire companies that offer these services and across various classes of Aircraft from Light Jet/Turbo Prop to the full-on Executive jet experience. 
Face-to-face business meetings have been on hold for many people during the pandemic, but there's now a release of pent-up demand for in-person meetings, with clients keen to move on from video conferencing and return to conducting business in real life. 
For many, that personal chemistry cannot be replaced, especially when important deals need to be signed or big investment decisions made. Clients across many sectors - including finance, technology, pharmaceuticals, and entertainment - also need a physical presence for site visits or to move between key business locations. 
Other corporate clients are using private aviation for the first time, including a London professional services firm sending a senior team to a European capital for a key meeting. They had not previously used private aviation, but are now doing so, keen to avoid commercial airline travel for their staff, as well as to improve travel efficiency and connectivity. 
Hourly rates although on the face of it appear to be high, say $13000 for a trip say from London to Lisbon, if a group (Leisure) say of 6 charter the light Jet, the cost is comparable to a First-class ticket. It is however hastily pointed out that $ 2 100.00 per person is not a sum attainable for most general aviation customers, however, makes sense for the clientele who prior to the pandemic frequented the First-Class Lounges/Business class lounges. 
For Leisure customers, from those who can afford to pay this charge as a couple, to those who charter the jet as group of colleagues/friends, will find a huge advantage to commercial airport First Class advantages. 
Flexibility is one: you choose when you want to fly, and avoid the rush and clamour of commercial travel airports, even on your way to the First Class / Business class lounge at these airports can be a chore , navigating through the clamour or passengers thronging in the check in areas , security and passport/customs control. 
There will be dedicated terminal at a smaller airport if selected (larger terminal do have private terminals which again does allow one to bypass the scrum of the main terminal. 
The experience in the private terminal lends itself to fostering a sense of well being including adding to the overall experience of getting away, and the feeling of exclusivity and relaxation. 
The Aircraft will be waiting on the apron, and you are either transported to the apron or you can amble out and board into what is for the period of the journey your large First-class cabin. The advantages extend to when you arrive at your destination refreshed and whisked thorough the arrivals at the corresponding private aviation arrivals terminal. The entire experience extends to personalised service from being able to chat with the pilots and your attendants on the flight. 
Another advantage (among many as you can gather) is that all multimedia can be kept on and entertainment and communication can be maintained without the irritating instructions to turn off unless connected to some 3rd part provider often at extortionate rates. 
In addition, travelling with pets is much easier without being parted from your beloved pet being stashed in a hold below whilst you fret above, not finding that Champagne tasting that sweet (or dry) about comfort or stress of your beloved. Now you can have the loved animal on your lap or dozing at your feet as you wing your away across the continent. 
This mode of travel may even be used for that once-a-year getaway and budgeted for as part of that happy event creating additional and special memories of the entire getaway from leaving your home until your return, as at very reasonable costs hire the exclusive Uber or equivalent and waft off to your private jet and ultimately to that special destination, refreshed, relaxed, and energized. 
For business travel, private jet hire may well be the way forward for corporate business going forward. There is always a need for face-to-face engagement particularly if stakes are high and the personal touch is required, then the journey is necessary. However, with due consideration to environmental challenges, travel will scale back and when made, they may well be required to be hassle free, and fast without the lengthy waits at security, baggage, and customs at normal commercial airports. So, the cost of the jet hire can be ameliorated by the cutbacks in travel being allocated as savings and allocated to the measured and prioritised journeys. 
Another trick that may even save you significant costs when pursuing Private Jet hire is the Empty Leg concept. 
Empty leg 
In many instances and to the advantage to the flexible traveller and or a short notice need, are what is referred to as the Empty Leg. 
What this is about, is that in some cases the Jet hire results in the Aircraft needing to reposition or get to another destination for a pickup but flies that leg, empty. 
Hence using the resources offered by the many private hire companies, you can see which legs are upcoming, and almost all the time they are short notice, you can book this leg at considerable saving, even up to 75% less than the normal rate as this empty leg is needed and the need to recoup at least some of the hourly flight costs. 
In conclusion, private jet hire is not quite the exclusive preserve of the mega rich and oligarchs and you tube stars that we are used to seeing splashed across the pages of glossy magazine and web. 
Being savvy, and if for leisure or holiday, one can either get a group of friends, or ask the hire company to loom into seeking a charter request that also needs numbers to spread the cost, so a group of say 3 couples may find themselves flying together to the common destination. 
The cost, depending on the destination and time etc (as these rates are still subject to seasonal demand and the resultant price increases), can be very affordable indeed, and adding to the pleasure and convenience of the getaway. 
Business travel of course is scalable and if the cost/benefit is positive in terms of speed and efficacy will justify the cost, then it is well worth the expense, allowing more time for business and less sitting around commercial airports subject to cancellations, noise, and crowds and with no delay in the departure and return that are the mainstay of conventional business travel. 
Finally with the restrictions and declining number engaging in air travel and the pending increases in prices for conventional air travel, the boom in private hire may well be the only viable alternative in the affordability categories we have covered. 
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